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If your pet requires surgery, our skilled surgical veterinary team can provide your pet with high-quality care. Our veterinarians offer routine surgeries such as spay and neuter procedures, and we offer more complex surgical procedures specific to your pet's needs and care. Our modern surgical facility allows us to perform procedures using anesthetic techniques and continuous patient monitoring for your pet's safety and comfort. Surgical appointments at our veterinary hospital are available Monday through Friday.
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Following surgery or critical care needs, your pet may be hospitalized. Your pet will benefit from continuous monitoring by our licensed and certified veterinary staff as well as the opportunity to recover in comfortable and sanitary surroundings.
All animals must have current vaccinations to protect them from contracting or spreading serious diseases. This is important for all hospitalized animals and for those visiting our veterinary clinic, boarding kennel or pet daycare. Meadows Animal Hospital makes every effort to provide all pets with a safe and sanitary environment.
We take great pride in our modern facility and professional staff. Call or visit our hospital today to schedule care for your cat or dog!