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Special Services

Meadows Animal Hospital offers special services for your convenience and the quality care of your pets.
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Pet Boarding Facilities

Our modern veterinary hospital facility in Champaign, Illinois, offers boarding kennels for both cats and dogs. Our climate-controlled boarding facility is comfortable and safe, so you can leave for vacation or a business trip knowing that your pet is happy and in good hands. Boarding is provided as a service to our clients, and we require reservations prior to boarding your pet. For the health and safety of all pets, your pet must be up to date with all recommended vaccinations. We also provide daytime pet daycare, and our bathing services include therapeutic dipping.

Full-service Pharmacy

Our veterinary clinic provides a full-service pharmacy for your convenience and the efficient care of your pet. We are always glad to fill your pet's prescription immediately rather than requiring you to make a trip to a drugstore pharmacy. Our skilled staff will ensure that you have all the prescriptions that the veterinarian has prescribed along with complete instructions for your pet's dosage and care.

Dietary Services

Our experienced staff also offers dietary services for your pet. A quality diet is an essential component for your pet's good health. We will assess your pet's dietary needs and determine your pet's optimum dietary requirements for weight maintenance. We provide a nutritious selection of quality foods for your pet along with a selection of prescription foods should your veterinarian recommend a prescription dietary need.
Our skilled staff members and certified technicians are educated and trained to provide quality information about your pet's diet, exercise and other special needs. Call or visit our hospital today to schedule care for your cat or dog!